Unit 6 Bullying Essay

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kaplan university | What Becoming of Bullies and their Victim’s | “Bullying Must Stop!”HN377: Studies in Child and Adolescent Development Professor: Tad Santos | | Anna Lopes | 9/24/2013 | | What Becoming of Bullies and their Victim’s Based on the articles and theories in the book of; Infants, Children, and Adolescence 7th Edition by Laura E. Berk, chapter eleven page five hundred and two, that there is a large becoming of children being bullied, those being victims of bullies, and the development between the two. It is documented that bullies develop aggressive behaviors and take it out on others making them victims. Children who become bullies usually target their victims by peer victimization, and this can be in the form of verbal, physical, and or other type of abuse. There is about fifteen percent of children that are bullies and twenty percent victimized by bullies. Bullies are known mostly to be boys, but there is a small percent of bullies that are girls (Berk, 2012, pp. 502). With technology these days many children even experience “cyber-bullying”. Cyber-bullying exist through texting messaging, personal emails, and chat rooms (Berk, 2012, pp. 502). Children that are bullies are usually those that are popular, hold leadership, and have athletic abilities. Children that are bullies are always becoming disliked for their aggressive behavior. Sometimes bullies are rooted on by encouragement of some peers and hardly ever does anyone stick up for those being victimized. Many victims become passive, vulnerable, and have been raised at home that assumed their position by the parenting they receive at home. As parents we need to be loving and kind when raising children, as it is bad child raising that supports the positions of bullies and or victims of bullying. The best thing would be to get parents involved and see to it their

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