Unit 6 Assisgnment Essay

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Parental Involvement Plan Kaplan University Introduction of Early childhood Education CE101 Lynn Morrison February 18, 2014 Visualize you are working with children from the ages of 3 months to 8 years of age in a child care center. Majority of the children that attend the center are special needs and receives early intervention or on an IEP. Several of the children’s parents have a difficult time attending events, meeting and participating in activities that are held at the center, due having to work more than one job. The parental involvement is much lower than expected. The center has tried to increase parental involvement by making calls daily to remind parent of upcoming events, sending notices, but is not having any luck. Majority of parent are unable to participate in events and meeting not because do not want to but because being a single parent having to work two jobs, or having health issues they are facing day to day. I am a single parent and sometimes I cannot make every event because of my work schedule or having to do extra hours to make sure the bills are paid for the month. Although, I would love to be more proactive in my child educational experience. As a single parent of three children, working 50 plus hours a week sometimes it could be very hard to be there. In today’s society many parents who are not involved in a child’s school activities may feel that school activities are not important or cannot fit in theirs daily schedules. Some teachers don’t express to parents that Importance of being there to support their child. Parents believe that there are more important things then interacting or taking an interest school activities. I believe there are selected parents that fall category are young mother. Parental involvement would increase if there are better ways to help the feel like they are a

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