Unit 6 Essay

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Effectively Listening Melissa Tucker CM206-3 From the interaction does it seem to you that Alan is actively listening? Why or why not? It is part of Alan’s job to perform the performance reviews which he actually hates doing. When he is performing the reviews he has to listen to what they feel and he also has to offer his opinion on what they are doing wrong and how to correct it. When he is offering his opinion he is not really actively listening to his employees as to why they are making the mistakes he is wanting them to correct. Describe how Alan’s opening thoughts on his job, narrated in the video, affect his approach to the performance reviews. Does Alan’s view of his job foster a negative or positive work atmosphere with his employees? Explain. The video doesn’t really let us know if he enjoys all aspects of his job but concentrates on the fact he hates the certain area of his job dealing with his employees performance reviews. He does seem to think that his employees resent his honesty when it comes to him reviewing their performance. When in fact it may be the employee just hates that he doesn’t seem to actively listen to what problems they may be having that could be impacting their work load. Having an environment where the employee doesn’t feel appreciated or isn’t being listened to can foster a negative work environment. How might issues of diversity and multiculturalism impact Alan’s listening skills? How might this impact his organization? The way that he talked with the female employee by telling her no matter what she needed to speed up on her work. He didn’t listen to her reasons why at all. Also he had no time to listen to the gentleman about his personal issues concerning his son’s health. By him being so closed minded towards his employee’s different problems he is going to cause them to have resentment towards him. He

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