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Unit 6: The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker 1.1 A working relationship is with a work colleague. This is a professional relationship; this is not chosen by you but your employers. We are there for the same purpose, but its not based on loving or fancying this person, although relationships do develop in the workplace. But being part of the same team or in contact with outside agencies or local authorities such as GP’s, Community Nurses, Care Managers. Personal relationships are those whom are close to you such as loving someone, this can be your partner or child, liking someone such as your best friend, family bonds siblings or social commitments like being part of a team, social activities such as sports or religious groups. Different relationships within the Health and Social care setting have agreed guidelines, rules which tell us how to work with individuals, and goes for the same for the relationships we have with the service users. Which we have to ensure our personal feelings don’t affect the relationship. We work together to ensure the running of the Day Centre and the welfare of its service users and staff. 1.2 There are different working relationships within my workplace. I have a daily working relationship with colleagues in my staff team, we all work together towards the same goals on our team plan. In my team we have senior management, assistant managers and a team manager of all which are of a supervisory nature, i can go to my line manager for advice and my line manager has regular contact to ensure i am meeting my work role responsibilities. I also have relationships with outside professionals. This is such as Care Managers, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapists , Community nurse, these all relate in some way or another which will involve the care and support for a service user. I also have a professional relationship with my

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