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Unit 6 Principles of maintain stationery stock (Y/601/7643) 1. a) The purpose of maintaining stock: Making sure that stock is maintained is to insure that the right type and amount is available for those who need it and maintain quality standards. It’s necessary for this to be in order as it prevents time being wasted waiting for new supplies and enables people to meet deadlines. b) The purpose of controlling stock: Controlling stock is important as you need to know how much stock is available to use and who’s looking after it, and making sure it’s used correctly. Stock must be controlled to prevent theft, as theft of stock can cost the organisation a lot of money when needed replacing with new stock. It keeps an accurate data of usage and therefore ensures that adequate supplies are reordered and available. c) Not maintaining stock at the right level can have the result in stopping the workflow. It’s important that stock is check regularly for the efficiency in the organisation. This is highly important as people won’t be able to meet deadlines if they don’t have the correct stock to do so. Not handling stationery safely can have consequences according to certain policy and procedures. 2) 1. a) ordering stock: Procedures when ordering stock are as followed; first check current stock levels with stock-takes and noting requests from staff so you can make a list of requirements to order. Keeping an on-going record of usage so that you can order before levels get to a critical level. Knowing the minimum stock levels to avoid a shortage and maximum levels so that you do not order before levels so that you do not order too much and run out of storage space. Following company procedures for selecting a supplier, for example how to use an approved or a new supplier. Obtaining several quotes to ensure value for money. Ensuring that the

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