Unit 6 Essay

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E1 -Collate evidence which describes the role of the practitioner in working towards a healthy lifestyle and environment for children. Healthy lunch box In my setting to help promote a healthy life style they have a big poster of health food they can give their child for snacks or lunch. This helps to promote a healthy lifestyle by suggesting what foods will help the child in development, physically, health and to get them to understand why to eat healthy is good. This leaflet also helps parents and children that don’t really know what to have or give for lunch. This also is advertising the awareness that practitioner have for the children in the setting. By the setting promoting a food healthy lunch for children will also make the practitioners aware that they also need to set a food example of what they eat, for example in my setting the children have lunch with the staff and the children do complement on what the staff are eating and do look at what they have in their lunch box. Environment Our setting also remotes about the environment making the children aware of how they treat the environment, teaching them not to litter and to recycle. Next to my setting is a school which are very big one recycling so the nursery and the school have joined and started to recycle for example they have a box to recycle used paper, boxes and milk cartons. This promotes a healthy environment by making the children aware of why it is food to recycle and how it helps. The area that the nursery and school is in have started to recycle and have different types of bin to put different household goods in the children also mention that they recycle. The leaflet explains what to recycle and which bin to put it in. Washing hand In my placement they always talk about washing hands and makes sure that the children wash their hands. This promotes health and wellbeing by making sure

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