Unit 6 Essay

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6. Which of the following best summarizes the reform movements of the Industrial Revolution? a) capitalism should not be checked by government intervention b) reform more possible in Russia than in the United States due to autocratic structure c) parliaments started passing laws that limited hours, child labor and worsened working conditions d) factory owners almost always made changes because they realized a happy, healthy, well-paid work force could be more productive e) the number of people with influence – aristocracy and middle class – increased pressuring the government to act on behalf of the workers 7. Which of the following was not a major global effect of the Industrial Revolution? a) countries with industrial technology had advanced military weapons b) Western European nations could not be defeated by Africans in battle c) the creation of a monoculture that damaged both the environment and the economy d) countries needed colonies to act as markets for finished goods e) Britain became dominant global nation of 19th century because they were first to industrialize 8. Which of the following reflected the living conditions of the Industrial Revolution a) Initial housing was quite comfortable for immigrants b) crime able to spread relatively unchecked in densely populated areas c) factories closed in the winter time creating free time for factory laborers d) health care prevented spread of disease in tenements e) the bourgeoisie and proletariat frequently shared housing because that’s just the nice thing to do 9. What was the reaction to the Luddite protests? a) business began to incorporate Luddite traditions in operational manuals b) government sided with the Luddites c) factories began making more user-friendly machines d) government supported the bourgeoisie e) conservatives frustrated by Luddite support for
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