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Unit 6 Assignment title: Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care 1 Task A- P2 (RL1, RL2, RL4, EP1) During the course of my learning experience I have developed different learning experience to increase my knowledge and understanding, as theses skills will help me develop into the career that I intend to work in. My learning journey began from a young age. Firstly starting off learning very basic skills and learning objects at nursery till around year 2. After this stage my knowledge and skills became better and my understanding of things began to increase. Slowly I began to adapt to my new learning skills such as learning to speak appropriately and clearly and sticking to the way I feel comfortable to learn which I adapt at a very young age. My literacy skills started very basic such as learning all the basic words and putting it into practice, writing clear understandable sentences. Then I began to write short description about things and began to learn longer complicated words and improving my spelling and the mean time improving my hand writing at all times. My knowledge increase learning new words as my literacy skill improved as I was able to right clear descriptions, stories about things which make sense and using the new words that I have learnt. As I went on to key stage 2, the literacy skill became harder for me as there were more things to learn and new skills to adapt to. My learning experience got better as I began to learn things like paragraphing, using literacy terms in my writing and also writing clear letters. During key stage 2, I had to become more independent with my literacy, so I had to work myself sometimes and try to adapt the new skills. By doing this I have learnt how write, read with very little support. This started of when I was in key stage 1 where they the teachers

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