Unit 531 Administrative Systems Project

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Administrative Systems Project By Rebekah Creevey Introduction: For this assessment, I have chosen to analyse the filing system within Wayne's World, Oakey. Currently the internal filing system is extremely haphazard. The amount of time and space that is being used is unproductive. Receipts from deliveries are kept in a box marked receipts and the end of day reconciliations are also thrown into another unmarked box, in no particular order. This current method is not complying with legal requirements and during end of year financial preparations, is becoming costly due to the amount of time spent finding relevant documents. The front desk is extremely disorganised and messy due to papers being thrown here and there, which is not meeting the…show more content…
They will also be affected as they will need to be trained up in the new system. Budget: I researched a couple of suppliers, in regards to purchasing the items we would need but as we are a retail outlet and we currently stock the required products, we have decided to purchase our filing cabinets/boxes and accessories through our current supplier at wholesale prices. For example, Officeworks could supply a filing cabinet, 10 Filing boxes, 30 manilla folders, pack of 100 paperclips for a total of $312.82. Where as if we purchased the same products through our own supplier it comes to a total of $58.26, which is so much cheaper and obviously a more suitable source for everything we would need. Implementing the System: What is needed is basic organisational skills to be used. After purchasing the filing cabinet, files and the little plastic tabs, the filing cabinet is to be set up so each piece of paper work has a place. For instance, receipts from suppliers on delivery would go in one file in alphabetical order of the supplier, end of day reconciliations would go in another file in order of date and so on. The filing boxes will be purchased in a larger quantity as each box will hold all the paper work for each financial year in alphabetical order. Depending on the quantity of paperwork for each financial year, there should be 1 to 2 boxes for each year. All filing boxes are to be kept in the…show more content…
There will be no need to teach them the end of financial year filing system as they won't be around long enough to become senior staff members or management. The system will continually be monitored for any improvements. As long as the staff always put the paperwork into the correct files, there shouldn't be a problem. Any 'issues' will stem from laziness and if this occurs, it will be dealt with swiftly. Any future training for the filing system will be done each time somebody new is hired and are being trained in using the register and the end of day

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