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Unit 525- Manage inter-professional working arrangements in a young person’s setting. This unit is linked to my project- undertake a project within services for young people- New incident forms and behaviour analysis. Alongside changing the incident forms and introducing the behaviour analysis- it is important to reduce the amount of incidents or at least reduce the amount of “restraints” per child. When I started at xxxxxxxxx there were lots of issues around safeguarding and the incorrect use of Team Teach techniques. I was faced with a challenge immediately as the whole staff team were encouraged by the previous manager and deputy manager the best way to stop an incident/behaviour happening was to restrain the child. My beliefs and ethics are such that I do not believe that a child should be restrained unless faced with serious harm e.g. running out onto a busy road- .(3.2) I involved the local safeguarding team and social workers with my thoughts and received agreement that they were indeed not happy with the way their LAC were being supported through incidents. I put together the following plan: (2.2) (3.5) * Consult with my line manager the way forward * Contact the Team teach trainer to understand what other methods we could use e.g. de- escalation techniques and arrange re training for the team (3.2) * Contact other managers within xxx to attend training and buy into the de escalation techniques. * Contact schools to see how they used Team Teach in crisis (this is a word I will later change to “incident” as again I understand that crisis does not necessarily explain what has happened) (3.2) * Arrange a team meeting to discuss with the team the way forward offer ideas and suggestions and receive input and feedback. (2.1) (3.1) (3.2) 3.6 The aim of this is to always look for the best possible outcomes for the young people in the

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