Unit 52 Essay

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SHC 52 Pr0mote professional development 1.1 It is our duty of care to continually improve knowledge and practice, we need to do this to provide the best care possible foe children and people who attend our settings. We can do this by making sure all staff are working towards the relevant qualifications and sending staff on relevant courses to keep up to date with any changes that may occur within the current health and social care standards , legislation and guidelines for good practice. For me personally as i have been promoted to deputy i feel the importance of relevant training and teaching of this role is essential for my own personal development as well as benefiting the setting. As a member of the management team i am responsible for staff, children/young people and the over seeing of the setting so further training will help me to be effective in my own role. 1.2 I feel personally working within a charity committee run pre - school their is a lack of budget to be able to get help to pay for courses or training opportunities. sometimes lack of resources i.e information available on opportunities and courses which we could be offered. Being short staffed can also put training opportunities on hold , having an increased number of younger children also makes our ratios tighter. Lack of supervisions and appraisals can lead to not knowing what staff want or areas they want to develop in. From experience my barriers have been my own confidence in my own role i feel this is lack of training/support within a new position. I have also had financial barriers with not enough funding to cover cost of courses which is a challenge itself. Family commitments can also put up a barrier, having a young son myself it can be difficult to juggle family life and work commitments. 1.3 Regular Supervisions and appraisals will help to highlight areas of
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