Explain How Performance Indicators Can Be Used To Measure Practice

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Outcome 2 - Understand how principles of professional supervision can be used to inform performance management in Health & Social care. 2.3- Analyse how performance indicators can be used to measure practice. Performance indicators are really what they say they are. They indicate the level of performance staff are working at, and this in turn allows management to monitor and ensure that the individuals using our service are being provided with the best possible levels of support, care, and safety and also providing care workers with the support and guidance they need to reach the agreed ways of working set out by management, therefore ensuring that they are happy in their roles, which in turn leads to a more reliable workforce and improves…show more content…
* STAFF FEEDBACK (QUESTIONNAIRES) - . I also encourage staff to give feedback on all aspects of the training and support they have received and ask if they feel they would improve their agreed ways of working with more training or guidance while out in the community. This can be done at the end of their one-to one supervision. This also helps me to improve on my ways of working. These ways of working needs to be enforced by management and needs to be continually monitored, with supervisions and staff meetings held regular. Management should also be checking on the feedback sheets that are filled in at the training courses to ensure that staff are receiving the correct and relevant training. Because if they are not being trained in the correct ways to start with the whole process will produce negative feedback and reduce staff moral if they feel they are not supported regularly. Unfortunately if management sometimes fail in not holding regular staff meetings to gain feedback and to promote a good working environment staff moral will deteriorate, which in turn will affect the level of care being provide to individuals in our care and staff retention will fall. If management enforce following these ways of working and passing on all positive comments and praising good working practice would ensure that all members of staff are working towards the same goals and to achieving good working

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