Unit 503: Promote Diversity And Inclusion

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503 EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY 1) I would promote equality, diversity and inclusion, through policies, procedures by making sure staff attend relevant training and supervision so they learn the principles of good practice and keep up to date with new developments and changes to legislation. Make staff aware of the complaints procedure and encourage them to report any issues of concern. In delivery of service you would treat all individuals with the same high standard of care, with dignity and respect, by treating service users with tolerance and have a non - judgemental attitude. Giving all relevant information. Providing information in different formats and languages, on request. Make everyone feel valued and creating a positive environment. Making the best of peoples abilities. Do not assume that individuals little or no…show more content…
Giving the chance for individuals to ask questions and having the training in all values of care. Staff are trusted to continue in providing high quality of care. Care is provided for individuals and support is provided for families and friends if needed. Inclusion ensures everyone has access to resources and services, to take part in activities if able. it’s a help for carers to share experiences to help strengthen diversity and inclusion. Gaps in health care will always be contributed by the human factor, for example by not having the correct staffing level, or failure to carry out correct procedures as trained. Highlight to staff the problems in the media, encourage people to come forward on information on gaps in care or things that may not seem quite right, giving people reminders on reinforcing good care. It is important to review any changes by monitoring and recording results and a time scale for the

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