Unit 503 Champion Equality And Diversity

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Unit 503 - Champion equality, diversity and inclusion. 1 – Understand diversity, equality and inclusion in own area of responsibility. Within my areas of responsibility i.e the workplace, service users homes are people of different nations, sexual orientation, backgrounds etc each with different views on life in general. It is essential everyone is not judgemental and does not discriminate against each other’s different views, training on e learning on such topic of equality and diversity is essential for all staff members to complete yearly and it is my responsibility to make sure each staff member has completed and understood this. Discrimination is not something I have come across in the work place as I feel everyone I have worked with understands the potential negative effects it may have. It is vital policies and procedures are in place as these follow correct legislation and current codes of practice. In Prestwood homes we promote, Dignity, Privacy, choice, Confidentiality, Independence, and Inclusion in the belief of…show more content…
These are just some of the many situations which arise from time to time; such examples are when a service user may confide something which is personal such as making an allegation against a staff member or fellow service user. This in turn will cause a break in confidentiality as the right procedure to follow is then report this to the relevant authority such as POVA, CSSIW. As a manager it is vital to follow the company policy on the issue at hand and remember the impact this could have on the service user. My responsibility is then to make sure the service user has the right support in making their decision(informed choice). Also making sure I have evaluated the nature of the decision being made and ask myself the question have I given the right information, do I understand how the individual best communicates and have I consent to continue. With this in place I can then refer to
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