Unit 501: Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication (Shc51)

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1.1 Effective communication is paramount within my job role as team leader. Groups and individuals whom I must communicate affectively to, include; my clients, my team, volunteers, visitors, families and also external agencies. Communication is key to a successful business and with affective communication skills; one can gain trust and confidence within the working environment. It also enables me to advise and to further my knowledge. 1.2 Within my own job role I support effective communication on a daily basis. Interpersonal skills enable me to interact, resulting in successful communication. Positive relationships with families, friends and my clients are vital in order to meet the individual’s needs and compile their care plan. I may share information with health care professionals on a one to one basis and/or with my client also present. During resident’s monthly meetings, I am able to talk within the group, whilst also ensuring that each individual can hear and understand me. I also encourage residents to speak; this in turn builds their confidence and trust towards me. My body language is very important. I use open gestures, friendly face and one to one eye contact. 1.3 My day to day routine poses various barriers and challenges with regards to communication. Some may be medical and mental issues, whist also; there are environmental barriers which may affect ones communication. Many of my clients are deaf or partially deaf, meaning they may not always hear me when I speak to them. Some have poor eyesight also, which means a completely different approach would be required, a gentle approach. Those with dementia do not always understand the simplest question or instructions. The environment, in which I communicate in, may cause a barrier also; such as noise from groups, TV’s and radios being played loud. There are also language barriers, where

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