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Lynda Smith Unit 501 Use and develop systems that promote communication (SHC51) 1 & 1.1 I have an obligation and duty to ensure that effective communication takes place with those who I work with, come into contact and communicate with as part of my own role. I work and share information with colleagues within my team communicating in a number of ways. These include staff meetings where I communicate verbally and listen to other staff members about families we are presently working with. Doing this allows a dialogue of communication between staff members that allows opinions, suggestions and strategies to be shared that we can then use as ways of working and communicating effectively with families. For example I shared my knowledge with a staff member who needed advise about a young girl who was using inappropriate sexualised language and behaviour. I gave a handout to the staff member that detailed guidelines of age appropriate sexual awareness and behaviour. The staff member used this as a baseline to compare the child’s own understanding and behaviour. From this she ascertained that the child was displaying some inappropriate behaviour, she spoke with her senior, and it was agreed after seeking permission from the child’s parent to complete one to one sessions with the…show more content…
As I knew the social worker I felt confident to do this via phone call. The injuries and how they had been obtained had been told to me by the parents. This was passed on to the Social worker. I was informed by the family that they had taken the child to the A & E department. I checked this to be true with the hospital. I spoke with the young person’s school explaining to them my concerns and asked them what they had been told about the injuries. (Both the hospital and school did not make any checks to who I

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