Unit 501 Effective Communication

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QCF Level 5 Leadership in Health & Social Care and CYPS | Unit 1: Use and develop systems that promote communication | THIS WORKSHEET IS NOT TO BE COMPLETED IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE KNOWLEDGE TEST FOR THIS UNIT! 1. Talk about all the different groups of people that you have to communicate with in your line of work. Discuss the different ways that you communicate with them*, how you ensure confidentiality (if necessary) and how you ensure that the methods you use are suitable for their particular needs. (1.1, 1.2 & 1.5) 2. What types of barriers and challenges do you come across in your line of working and how do you overcome these challenges? (1.3 & 1.4) 3. Talk about a situation where you have reviewed a particular communication method in your workplace, how you have proposed improvements to this method and how you have monitored its effectiveness after implementing the changes. (eg a new care plan review system, implementation of a new service user monthly meeting). (2.1 – 2.4) 4. Talk about how you have reviewed the communication methods that you have been using with those you work in partnership** (eg doctors, social services, pharmacists etc) and how you have improved the communication methods that you use with them. You must compare the different methods and how effective (or not) these methods have been, or are. (3.1 – 3.3) 5. You receive a telephone call from a family member of one of your service users who asks for details of the doctor’s visit that took place earlier in the day. Explain what the legal responsibilities there are for maintaining confidentiality and sharing information (you must explain the different pieces of legislation and the CQC/CSSIW requirements). (4.1) 6. Explain in detail the essential features of information sharing agreements within and between organisations eg social services,

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