Unit 5001 Essay

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CHARTERED MANAGEMNET INSITUTION DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT UNIT 5001 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AS A MANAGER AND LEADER Name: Helen Griffiths Company: Serco at the Defence Academy Membership No: Hand in Date: Thursday 4th December 2008 Tutor: Gary Dennis 1 Contents Part A: 3-6 Part B: 6-9 Part C: 9-11 Annex 1 Personal profile:12-14 Annex 2 Job related competencies: 15 Annex 3 Personal related competencies: 16-18 Annex 4 Personal development plan: 19 Annex 5 Time Log: 20-21 2 Part A – Personal Development, Planning and Evaluation What is Self Development? Self-Development is taking personal responsibility for one's own learning and development through a process of assessment, reflection, and taking action. Self Development should be used to continually update skills and to remain marketable in the workplace and to determine future career direction. Self develop is important for achieving personal goals or goals set by your line manager in helping you move forward in your life/career. According to my self study guide, self development should be a life long process. It involves taking responsibility for your own development rather than waiting for your organisation to do it for you. Why Develop? Self development can also be referred to as continuous development because of the effect of change. Because changes are always occurring in the work place and the fitness industry it is important to keep up to date wit current good practice. By keeping up to date and moving with changes means that we are better equipped to fulfil our job and we acquire new knowledge, skills and abilities on a regular continuous basis. Being up to date with best current practice is far better than being behind. It allows you to give the customer a top level service all the time. Advantages and Disadvantages (Benefits) of Self Development The table below highlights both advantages
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