Unit 5 Health And Social Care Nvq 3

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8-3 Shift On the start of the shift the senior from the night shift does a handover to let us know how the residents were in the night and if theres any concerns we need to know about, once thats finished we start to get some of the residents up as some like to get up early. With every resident we get up we make sure we knock on the door before we go into there room as the residents are allowed there own privacy and respect just like we do. Once they say it's okay to come in we walk in and say good morning and before getting them ready we make sure everything is ready like clothes, flannels, towels and pads. Also that the curtains are closed and the door is closed so that the residents have their privacy and dignity. Once everything is ready…show more content…
Once all residents are up which is normally about 11 o clock 2 people start on the daily notes and 1 person gets the morning drinks ready for everyone which is normally a hot drink for everyone if they want one. We ensure that the daily notes are done properly as if anything happens to the resident and you haven't documented it properly then it will be your fault and could get into serious trouble. Documentation evidences the care we have given and helps build a picture of their life whilst in the home, clear records enable us to monitor this can be really useful if someone becomes unwell or there is a change in their behaviour, any concerns also need to be shared with the senior so that we ensure we act appropriately for example getting the doctor. All records are confidential and are stored safely in accordance with data protection. Once the daily notes and drinks are finished, we try and do some activities with the residents, there isn't many that like doing stuff as most of them want to sit there and watch television but we like to encourage the residents to join in with the activities provided and like to select activities they have expressed an interest in I normally play dominos with the men (Jim, Harry and Michael) as they quite enjoy

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