Unit 5 Assignment 2

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1. How would your orientations to life ( your ideas, attitudes, value, goals) be different if you had been reared in a hunting and gathering society? In and agricultural society? I think if my orientation to life started in a hunting and gathering society I would be a lot different because I myself don’t like hunting but it’s completely different if your raised to in a different time and this is what you had to do to survive. I’m sure my ideas and goals would be completely different I wouldn’t be going to school to become a nurse I would be out in the land trying to hunt and gather. It’s hard to see myself killing an animal I could never do that now. Same in the agricultural society maybe my values wouldn’t change but I could see my goals and ideas being different. If this was the environment around me I would want to be doing well. 2. Identify your in-groups and your out-groups. How have your in-groups influenced that way you see the world? How have out-groups affected your views? Again I don’t feel like I have to be in a in group I have always seen myself as an I independent person. People that influence me the most are my family members. 3. Asch’s experiments illustrate the power of peer pressure. How has peer pressure operated in your life? Think about something that you did, despite not wanting to, because peer pressure. When I was a teenager friends were always trying to pressure me into doing drugs and drink. I have to say the pressure was pretty hard to resist but I seen my uncle struggle with a drug addiction so I never fell for the pressure to do any of this. I can say I was a pretty good kid. When I was in high school a lot of my girlfriends were already having sex and pregnant. It was the cool thing to do. I really do think I was the only girl in my friends that was a virgin until I met my husband. My friends made fun of me like it was a joke
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