Unit 5 Anatomy and Physiology

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Unit 5 Anatomy and Physiology for Health And Social Care Assignment Brief P1 Produce a poster for your peer group which explains and organelle and the range of organelles in a human cell and their functions. Your poster should make use of visual imagery and should be annotated in a way that would help your peer group understand the structure and function of a cell. You should include the following organelles in your poster: ▪ Nucleus ▪ Cytoplasm ▪ Mitochondria ▪ Endoplasmic reticulum (smooth and rough) ▪ Golgi apparatus ▪ Lysosome P2 Produce a written report which describes the four main tissue types in the body and the role that they play in two named organs of the body. Your report should cover the following tissue types: ▪ Epithelial – simple and compound ▪ Connective – blood, cartilage, bone, areolar, adipose ▪ Muscle – striated, non-striated, cardiac ▪ Nervous – neurones, neoroglia In your report you should give examples of where each tissue type might be found in the body and should describe the role of each of these tissue types in the following organs: ▪ The Heart and ▪ The Lungs P3 Produce a series of diagrams, to be displayed in your local health centre, that provide an overview of the systems of the body. Each diagram should be annotated and contain the following information: ▪ A brief description of the function of the body system ▪ The main organs involved in each of the systems The body systems that you should include for P3 are: ▪ Cardiovascular ▪ Respiratory ▪ Digestive ▪ Renal ▪ Nervous ▪ Endocrine ▪ Reproductive ▪ Lymphatic ▪ Musculo-skeletal ▪ Immune P4 In your role as a health and social care professional in a respite care home you have been asked

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