Unit 4223-010 Questions And Answers

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Unit 4223-010 Principles of Safeguarding and protection in health and social care There are many different types of abuse that is encountered on a daily basis whether it will be from a baby to an elderly person. Abuse can take place in homes to work places and be initiated from close family members to complete strangers. It is important we recognise the signs of abuse to help safe guard vulnerable individuals and take appropriate actions to ensure the individuals protection against further abuse as a form of duty of care. Physical abuse is an act from another individual intended to cause physical pain. This is where someone intentionally causes bodily harm, injury or physical suffering. There are many different acts an individual may perpetrate which are…show more content…
• Define clear policy regarding suitable environments for clinical examination and management of cases of alleged abuse, in particular sexual abuse. The role of the Named Nurse and Midwife includes: • Identifying safeguarding training needs across the Trust • Co-ordinate the identification of staff training needs. • Deliver training to all staff in the Trust • Ensure the Trust works in line with Safeguarding Children Board and meets the requirements of external monitors • Act as reference points with other agencies. • Ensure that staffs are aware of any child who is at risk or who may be subject to a Child Protection Plan. • Disseminate Safeguarding Children documentation to relevant areas in the Trust • Act as a central source of advice concerning Safeguarding Children issues. • Provide information to Trust Board by the provision of annual reports on issues affecting the safeguarding of children within the Trust • Ensure the Trust has effective monitoring systems and a proactive safeguarding children committee • Maintain communication with the Designated Nurse and the Named Nurses for safeguarding children across Community
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