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Unit 4222-668 Stroke Awareness 1.1 A stroke is a serious condition which happens when he blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. It can also be causes by a clot on the brain, but can also be caused by a clot that can travel to the brain through the blood vessels. When oxygen and nutrients from the blood being supplied to the brain are studied stopped then brain cells begin to die and thus stops the brain from working properly. 1.2 Sometimes a stroke can be miss diagnosed or delayed as it starts mild or of a non normal sign or symptom of a stroke. Some of these can be: * Diabetic Hypoglycaemia * Bells Palsy * Migraine Headache * Intracranial Tumour/Abscess * Epilepsy * Some infections such as septicaemia, encephalitis * MS * FND In my role I have seen a couple of occasions when a service user has been miss diagnosed. One lady had sight issues and a very bad headache and this miss diagnosed the day before by a GP as a Migraine, but subsequently was a stroke and did not show the normal signs of one sided weakness, speech impairment, and drooped mouth. Though I have seen one case where a stroke was diagnosed and in fact he had FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) which is a mental health issue where the brain mimics the effects of stroke. 1.3 The difference between a stroke and a TIA is the time frame and length of lasting effects. There are 2 types of stroke which are an Ischemic & Hemorrhagic. An Ischemic stroke is the most commonly found and is when there is a blockage either by a clot in a main artery to the brain or a cerebral embolism which is a clot that travels to the brain in the blood vessels. A Hemorrhagic stroke is less common and this occurs when a bleed has occurred within the brain such as a Intracerebral haemorrhage which is when a blood

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