Unit 4222-393 Understand Sensory Loss Analysis

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Unit 4222-393 Understand sensory loss Outcome 1 – Understand the factors that impact on an individual with sensory loss 1.1 There are many factors that can impact on individuals with sensory loss, this could be anything from simple day to day tasks of having a convocation with someone to hearing the telephone ring, this can make an individual feel inadequate and be degrading, if they can’t pick up the phone for a friendly chat or can’t hear a person who is chatting to them it could leave them feeling depressed or frustrated that they can’t get their own point or opinions across. This can lead to an individual feeling lonely, possibly the feeling that there not as good as everyone else so they feel that they have to isolate themselves…show more content…
If an individual has complete blindness, they could turn to using braille or a voice recording of the written word or asking someone to read the written word out too them. * Hearing Loss – Hearing loss can be overcome with a hearing aid if the individual still have a small amount of hearing left, if the individual has lost all hearing completely then they can always turn to sign language, Makaton, lip reading, for communication with someone that isn’t in the same room as you there are special telephones that can turn speech to the written word. * Deaf Blindness – Deaf blindness can be overcome by using objects of reference, braille or the moon alphabet that consists of embossed shapes which can be read by touch. There is also tactile communication and one of these forms is Tadoma, and that involves direct contact, the deaf blind person will touch the face of a talker with their hand to monitor the various articulatory actions that occur during

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