Unit 4222-365: Understanding The Causes Of Dementia

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Unit 4222-365 Understanding the process and experience of dementia Outcome one: Understanding the neurology of dementia! 1. Describe a range of causes of dementia syndrome. Dementia is a term that many use to describe a serious deterioration of the mental functions of the brain, such as memory, language, judgment and orientation. There are many types of dementia with various causes as the brain is a complex organ that has different functions within the body. When dementia occurs some of the brain cells stop working properly and can alter how a person thinks, remembers and communicates. Dementia affects over 820,000 people in the United Kingdom and more than 35 million people are estimated to have some form of dementia and more are being diagnosed each year. People over 65yrs with dementia are referred to as having senile dementia and anyone younger…show more content…
Explain the way that individuals process information with reference to the abilities and limitations of individuals with dementia? The brain in a complex organ as previously stated and the cells within the brain are called neurons which fire impulses along the axons, which then release chemicals, these are known as neurotransmitters, this then travel over the synapse and connect to other neurons and continue with the same process. The brain is split into two hemispheres and there are over 100 billion neurons at work within those spheres, the right side is responsible for putting information together from what you see and the left side is able to analyses the information you see and expand on it to enable you to describe what you see. A person with dementia will have some damage to the neurons and some problems with memory, as they will be unable to produce the appropriate chemicals or transmit the required information for normal function; they will have difficulty inputting information together. People with dementia who have damage to the neurons on the right side of the brain will have difficulty
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