Unit 4222-319 Essay

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4222-319 1.1 It is highly important to make sure that a holistic approach is used when planning care and support, this is because unless we look at the individual as a whole or we may miss underlying issues that may prevent progression. For example if a service user wants to set a goal of losing weight by using exercise if diet is not looked at and information given, the service user may not reach the goal they are trying to attain. This can also be true of a goal of communication if the service user is not given information about what is appropriate communication they may run into issues. 1.2 +1.3One of the main ways of supporting an individual to lead their assessment and planning progress is to ask them lots of question maybe about what they feel they achieved, what they’d like to achieve and what help and support do they think they require to achieve these. Depending on the service users capabilities, I would use a goal setting circle with lots of areas of their lives, they could then give themselves a number of where they think they are at the moment, where they’d like to be and what they think they need to do to achieve this in all areas of their life. I have another service user who I would ask to use his puppet to answer the questions this because he finds it difficult to express himself due to his autism but finds it easier to use his puppet to express his needs and

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