Unit 4222-307 Handle Information in Health and Social Care Setting Also Covering: Certificate in Induction Into Adult Social Care: Unit 307

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Unit 4222-307 Handle information in health and social care setting also covering: Certificate in Induction into Adult Social Care: Unit 307 Outcome 1 Understand the requirements for the handling of information in health and social care settings Identify and summaries the main points of the legislation and codes of practice that relate to the recording, storage and sharing of information in health and social care (Dip 1.1 and 1.2) Outcome 2 Be able to implement good practice in handling information Such information should be locked in file cabinets, or if in electronic form it should be only accessed by personal password, Also to access information depending of the level of confidentiality it should be done by senior staff on a need to know basis and leaving record that information was accessed by a log of accessibility, On care plans which are easily accessed by care staff for daily recordings and research, a signature of who is logging in information is needed. Outcome 3 Be able to support others to handle information 3.2 Describe how you support others to understand and contribute to records. Dip 3.2 ----------------------- The nature of the obligation to protect confidentiality can be expressed in terms of three core principles: • individuals have a fundamental right to the confidentiality and privacy of information related to their health and social care; • individuals have a right to control access to and disclosure of their own health and social care information by giving, withholding or withdrawing consent; • when considering whether to disclose confidential information,
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