Unit 4222-304 Essay

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Learning Outcome 1 1.1 define the following types of abuse: * Physical abuse: hitting, slapping, kicking, punching & misuse of medication * Sexual abuse: rape/non-consensual sex, sexual assault, inappropriate touching, kissing & groping * Emotional/psychological abuse: threats of harm/abandonment, over controlling, harassment, intimidation & withdrawal from support networks/services * Financial abuse: financial exploitation, theft, misuse of possessions, property or benefits, by someone who has been trusted to handle finances. * Institutional abuse: misuse of medication, failing to provide appropriate care for a vulnerable adult/child, treating adults as children, little/no choice of social activity/dress/possessions * Self-neglect: a failure to attend to own basic needs – personal hygiene, a healthy food/drink plan, wearing appropriate clothing. * Neglect by others: lack of suitably trained staff, not providing appropriate/adequate amounts of food/drinks, failing to provide adequate care for individuals’ needs. 1.2 identify the signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse *Physical abuse: sprains, bruising, broken bones, fractures, dislocations & open wounds *Sexual abuse: genital pain/irritation, bruising/bleeding, UTI/STI/STD, difficulty walking/sitting *Emotional/psychological abuse: rapid weight loss/weight gain, irregular menstrual cycle, depression, malnutrition, bedwetting, distrust of others. *Financial abuse: sudden loss of assets/home, unusual bank transactions, depression, a certain visitors’ arrival on ‘benefit day’. *Institutional abuse: tiredness/drowsiness, signs of misuse of medication – rash, cotton mouth, diarrhoea, vomiting etc. loss of energy/want for life, depression, lack of dignity. *Self-neglect: confusion, weight loss/gain, depression, loss of self-image/presentation
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