Unit 4222-301 Essay

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Unit 4222-301 Outcome 1 1. People communicate to express their feelings and let people know what they require i.e. drink, meal, toilet. Individuals need to communicate to let others know if they are in pain or discomfort. Communication is needed for people to keep in contact with family/friends, either verbally, letters/email or face to face contact. To arrange everyday activities we need to communicate. We need this form of communication to enable us organise around the individual and their choices, so that they can choose to like or dislike a person. Any changes in care plans are passed over to all staff, in order for staff to have a consistent approach with all service users. Any medical changes must be documented on a record sheet, marked on the meds chart, and passed over by hand in the communication book. This is especially important so no errors are made with any meds. 2. Good communication in the work place is essential both between the staff team and the service users. If the staff team are not communicating properly mistakes can happen and this can lead to arguments between the staff members, the team and external health providers, ie doctors, chiropodist. If staff are not communicating with the Service users correctly this can lead to behavioural issues and may cause the Service User to feel unhappy and could lead to possible self harm or self neglect. At the Old Vicarage we have a communication book, a book for incoming calls, a book for any calls the home has made, a hand over sheet is completed twice a day by the AM shift lead to the PM shift lead also there will be a verbal hand over so all the happenings of the day is passed over and everybody is aware. Outcome 2 1. The best way to establish the communication and language needs is by reading all the relevant documentation i.e., Care Plans, Support Plans and Communication Passports.
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