Unit 4222-223 Support Individuals to Meet Personal Care Needs Hsc 2015

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Unit 4222-223 Support individuals to meet personal care needs HSC 2015 1. Explain how to report concerns about the safety and hygiene of equipment or facilities used for personal care. The regulations which relate to cleanliness, hygiene and infection control require service providers to: *Have appropriate procedures for the control of infection and of clinical waste *Ensure premises are kept in a good state of repair externally and internally and are fit for the provision of care *Provide facilities and equipment to address the needs of the service users and keep a record of maintenance of such items *Ensure staffs receive training appropriate to the work they are to perform and provide suitable assistance to staff *Keep records of incidents detrimental to the health or welfare of the service user. This would include notifying the Care Commission of outbreaks of any infectious diseases which are deemed sufficiently serious by a doctor or district nurse attending people in the care home. Services which have requirements noted on inspection will be asked to submit an action plan showing how these requirements will be met. They can also be subject to formal enforcement action which can vary or impose new conditions on their registration. Where there is continued failure to meet the terms of the Act, regulations or conditions of registration, the Care Commission may serve an improvement notice which will set out clearly the improvements required and the timescales within which they must be made. Where services do not satisfy the improvement notice the Care Commission may proceed to cancel the registration of the service. To date, infection control has never been the single reason for any enforcement action in care homes for older people. It is usually part of an enforcement action, consisting of many other issues such as staffing and management

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