Unit 4222-221 Support Care Plan Activities

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Unit 4222-221 Support care plan activities. Outcome 1. Identify sources of information about the individual and specific care plan activities. MAR charts, specific requirements for medications, time, and dose. Bowel charts, monitor bowel movement. Information about moving and handling needs, i.e. client may have specific requirements on the way to position, handle, or sling tag colours. Dietary needs. Client might be diabetic or have food preferences. Religious and cultural factors. Contact information. Doctors, nurses, family. The type of care to be provided i.e. am call make bed, prepare breakfast, wash up etc. The way in which care should be provided i.e. client might like a cup of tea served in bed. Record sheets. Written record of each visit to inform others or obtain necessary…show more content…
Confirm with others own understanding of the support required for care plan activities. If the individual likes something done in another way record in the care plan so the next carer is aware and let the office know. Outcome 2. Provide support for care plan activities in accordance with the care plan and with the agreed ways of working. The care plan will contain information on what support is needed for that visit, it identifies the level of support that a client requires with their health, personal and social care needs and should be followed. The carer should comply with all policies and procedures or agreed ways of working they enable us to provide a good quality service working within the legal framework. Encourage the active participation of an individual in care plan activities. Good communication with the client is an important part of making sure that the person is fully involved. Talk to the client, ask and explain what you are doing. People have a right to choose the care they receive and the way in which they receive
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