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Unit 4222-206 Essay

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  • on November 16, 2012
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Diploma Level 3 unit 4222-206
The way that we relate between ourselves and others differ in professional situations and personal ones.   The way that we relate to those we support should be guided by clear boundaries.   There is a difference between making friends and befriending someone.
Dorset Residential Homes, in their policy, separated the difference as such:
Befriending a service user – which is a professional relationship,
made to meet service users needs, and
Becoming a service user’s friend – which is a relationship that
focuses on the needs of both people.

A professional relationship, in this context, focuses entirely on the needs of the service user whereas a personal relationship focuses on the needs of both parties.

In health and social care settings there are a number of different working relationships.   As well as the relationship a support/care worker may have with a service user, a support worker may have a working relationship with other support workers, doctors and other health care professionals, care managers and live-in carers.   These relationships can be close, depending on the level of needs held by the service user.

Other working relationships may include landlords, housing benefits officers and other benefits agencies, cleaners and maintenance workers.

2.1 & 2.2

It is really important to adhere to an agreed way of working so that there is continuity in the standard of care between workers.   It allows service users to know what to expect from their staff.   Working to an agreed scope ensures that policies and procedures are followed protecting service users, the employee and the organisation.

Full and up-to-date agreed ways of working can be found on the KSLS shared drive under Supported Living/Policies and Procedures. There is also an eInduction pack on the drive as well.

On the RBK intranet there are also Policies for all staff working for the council.


Implementing agreed ways of working...

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