Unit 4222-205 Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care 1.1 and 1.2 Essay

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UNIT 4222-205 PRINCIPLES OF SAFEGUARDING AND PROTECTION IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE 1.1 AND 1.2 DEFINE AND IDENTIFY THE SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS OF EACH TYPE OF ABUSE PHYSICAL ABUSE Physical abuse can take the foillowing forms - punching, slapping, nipping, hair pulling, biting, excessive force, burning/scalding, force feeding. Physical abuse can be defined as any situation where the care giver causes physical harm or asserts their will physically ver the service user. Symptoms can include bruising, bite marks, burns, changes in behaviour eg, becomming withdrawn, emotional, moody, aggressive. SEXUAL ABUSE Sexual abuse can take the form of making the service user take part in any sexual acts that they would not wish to, taking photographs of the service user in innapropiate sexual situations, or via the internet. This can show itself as loss of inhibitions, loss of self esteem, becomming withdrawn and emotional, depression, self harm. EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE This can take the form of threatening or bullying the service user, lowering their self esteem by criticising them or putting them down, laughing at their condition, losing patience/shouting at them, not working in a patient centerted manner and not respecting the needs of individual service users ie. treating each service user as having the same needs, ignoring their religious or cultural needs. The service user can suffer from loss of self confidence and self esteem, nervousness, anxiety, unexplained crying or mood changes. FINANCIAL ABUSE It can be very easy to abuse the service user financially, especially when they are in their own homes. This can take the form of theft of possesions or money, coercion into signing over property or altering wills, preventing them form access to their own money or possesions. Again, this can show itself with signs nervousness, missing possesions from the
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