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Unit 41 Understand and Meet the Nutritional Requirements of Individuals with Dementia 1.1 Cognitive behaviour is dysfunctional emotions and behaviours that is caused by dis-functioning of the brain. Dementia is cause by a section of the brain being affected by the cells dying. This will affect, the memory and all that we have learnt. How to talk, eat and function in a normal way becomes all most impossible. This means that for the individual who suffers from dementia that the means and importance of food can be forgotten or that they just forget that they are hungry or forget to eat what have been prepared. The same will also apply to drinking. Older people are prone to malnutrition and dehydration and this can become more of a problem for those with Dementia putting their health at risk. Functional changes is losing the ability to be able to remember how to eat or using utensils and drinking implements i.e. a glass or a cup. They instead might be better encouraged to pick up food buffet style or finger food. This could a way to overcome their loss of ability to function as they once did and rather than become distressed and confused they prefer to just pick up food as it is easier for them to do. Some find they can’t function to eat and drink and they may need support in doing so. Emotional Changes can be the negative emotions that is brought on from the confused state of mind that is brought on by Dementia. They might not understand that there is something wrong with them but the behaviours of others may affect them and lead them to feel that something is wrong, which causes

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