Unit 40262 Human Resources Report

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Assignment 1 - 40262/Y1 Human resource plans and organisational context Executive Summary The aim of this report is to identify improvements that may be made to the current HR records system held by X. Research methods have included interviews with Senior Managers, Junior admin staff charged with maintaining the system and questionnaires for practice (field) staff who provide information on staff to keep the records system up to date. Relevant and recent literature on the subject of personnel record keeping has also been researched. This report has found that whilst the information required to be held is available, the current manual system and the reliance on the data provided by the database in finance is causing managers…show more content…
| | | | |Records are updated when a member of staff |Emergency contact details. | | | |informs head office that their details have | | | | |changed. This is then rectified on paper and | | | | |on the computerised records in finance. | | |Contractual arrangements|Company Secretary |Secure paper based and held by the company |The employment rights act 1996 | |(including pay, terms |Head of HR and Training |secretary. |Tax and National Insurance | |and conditions) |Communications assistant | |Minimum wage act 1998 | | | | |

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