Unit 4 Physiologicol Disorders

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Margret Presho Unit 4 Physiological Disorders Assignment 1. Construct a paragraph that details the aetiology of one condition 2. Construct a paragraph to introduce your first case study 3. Construct a paragraph to explain at least one sign or symptom linked to A+P Include references in text and a bibliography as part of this assignment (show all this to me before continuing) Diabetes type 2 + Breast cancer Type 2 diabetes develops when your body can’t produce enough insulin or when the insulin that is produced doesn’t work properly. If this physiological disorder is untreated, it can cause very serious health problems. You treat this condition by a healthy diet and keeping active, also people with Type 2 diabetes take tablets to lower their blood glucose levels however you can also inject insulin in the stomach/ upper arm or thigh. You get type tow diabetes by having an unhealthy diet/being overweight and not doing enough exercise. When you get diagnosed with Diabetes it will not get worse as you get older if you remember to take your insulin at the right times every day. You get diagnosed with diabetes through being overweight/ unhealthy diet and lack of exercise it also only appears in later life. Type 2 Diabetes can’t be passed down by generation like type 1 does. Signs and Symptoms: The main symptoms of diabetes common to both types are: * feeling very thirsty * urinating frequently, particularly at night * feeling very tired * weight loss and loss of muscle bulk http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Diabetes-type2/Pages/Treatment.aspx Signs and Symptoms Nicole has witnessed many signs and symptoms since she has been diagnosed with the condition, diabetes. For example she has rapidly lost weight in the first few week of having the condition, also she frequently needs the toilet because her body will not produce

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