Unit 4 P1 Essay

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m1M1 Nature Nurture Debate Nature Nurture Debate In this assignment I will discuss the nature nurture debate and their influences in relation to Brent Zilliwood. The nature vs. nurture debate is an ongoing argument regarding the extent to which nature or nurture influences a person and their development. Nature refers to an individual’s genetic and biological influences where nurture refers to all social and environmental influences. Firstly the nature argument; the idea that we are what we are as a result of our genes .The way we look can be argued to be mainly due to nature. The genes we inherit from our parents make the basis of how we look. For example, people often say ‘you look like your father/mother’ and this is indirect evidence suggesting that nature in other words our genetic code is passed on from parents to the child and we do naturally inherit characteristics. Other characteristics are also biologically determined by genetic inheritance - for example the colours of Brent’s eyes are brown like his mother’s, however he has inherited his father’s straight hair unlike his mother who has curly hair. However, we can make decisions on how we look and change our appearance. There are many different cosmetic procedures available to alter our appearance. How we live our life and the choices we make can also have an impact on how we look therefore the nature argument as the sole influence on a person is not fully viable. For example, eating junk food and not exercising can lead to obesity even though we do not inherit the gene to be obese. The environment we are brought up in and the experiences we have, can influence our health which contributes to physical development. An example of how nature and nurture affect our physical development is; we may carry genes that increase our risk of developing type 2 diabetes, but if we eat a healthy diet and get

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