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To: IT Admin I am troubleshooting replication between the Main Office and Branch Office 1. It seems that changes to user object attributes take a very long time to propagate or do not propagate at all. I am not sure when replication is supposed to occur and have no idea where to begin testing? Do you have any recommendations, any suggested steps to help me narrow down the problem? Thank you! Junior Admin Dear Jr Administrator: * Check the event log for relevant messages. Possible errors can be problems with the KCC in constructing the topology, problems from the SMTP service (SMTP-SVC) in delivering the mail, problems from the ISM service in reading the messages, or problems from the NTDS in decoding and applying the mail. * Verify that the KCC setup is on SMTP-based connections between the servers in the sites you want. This indicates that the site links are what you expect. * Verify that the replication links are established by using the correct transport. Do these by looking for connections that have the SMTP transport associated with them. You might also use repadmin /showreps and to look for the "via SMTP" designation. * Note that the KCC does not create a connection by using SMTP until the following criteria are met: To view current replication partners for a server At the command prompt, type the following: * repadmin /showreps server < nc > < guid-of source > * Check all network check your cost setting protocols this let you know if cost is high which causes slow connectivity. * For mail-based replication, you need to decide if mail routing is necessary. If the two servers have direct IP connectivity and can send mail directly to each other, no further configuration is required. However, if the two domain controllers must go through mail gateways to deliver mail to each other, you must configure the domain

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