Unit 4 Nba Essay

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I chose for my unit 3 essay to explore the NBA lockout in an op-ed piece. I felt this was a great popular piece that had a ton of information to grab from. I really enjoyed this essay because I felt I was able to flow better in the understanding and guidelines of the piece. In the essay, I focus on how the players and owners fight over millions of dollars while fans and employees of the team sit at home with no NBA and no paychecks. I wanted to use my voice to say how wrong it is that these two sides will argue with each other when at the end of the day, all involved will still be millionaires. I wanted to make the case for the fans who generate all of this revenue as well as the workers in all of the stadiums that are at home not being paid. Without these two sides of the equation, neither the players nor the owners would have anything. I would also like to thank all of my peer reviewers. I feel that without them I would not have written an effective piece. They helped me to hone in my focus as well as add some necessary information to the piece that was extremely helpful. NBA Lockout’s Biggest Losers Anyone who has been following ESPN over the past 3 months can tell you something about how terrible the recent news has been regarding the NBA. The National Basketball Association, the largest and most profitable basketball league on Earth, is currently experiencing a lockout between the owners of franchises and the players union. This means that the owners and the players’ association are on different terms regarding a new labor agreement. In short, the owners think the players are getting paid too much and the players think that they deserve to be paid that much because without them there will be no league. After measuring the pros and cons of each side and how much each side will lose, I realized that neither of the sides involved in the

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