Unit 4 M4 Business Communication

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INTRODUCTION For this task I am going to explain how my selected organisation uses the business information to help them to achieve their aims. I will explain how every type of communication used by the organisation to be able to help them to:  Increase in sales  Increase in profits  Maintain a good level of reputation and  Able to keep their staff members. TYPES OF COMMUNICATION The company that I have chosen uses verbal, written, on-screen and web-based communication to help them to achieve their aims and goals in order to make profit, increase sales, reputation and staff retention. They have used the verbal communication by advertising on television. This helps to achieve the set target for sales because people are watching…show more content…
Therefore they will decide how much money is available for advertising, therefore this will have an effect on how McDonald express the information about their products. Sales department contains the information on the company’s balances and turnovers. This means that they will be responsible with providing information about the sales that the company has made over a period of time, which will help knowing how much should be invested into an advertising campaign. Also the Human Resources, which is the department responsible for personnel sourcing and hiring, applicant tracking and skills development, will be responsible with providing important information about the people that have taken part within the business, which also includes loyal customers. CONCLUSION In conclusion I think that the aims of McDonald will be met successfully as the information provided by the departments stated above were suitable to make strategic decisions regarding the aims and goals of McDonald. Therefore these aims will be met successfully as the awareness of McDonald is huge, so for example, when advertising on TV, will attract a wide range of customers this will help to increase sales, which is one the organisation’s

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