Unit 4 Level 2 Healthcare

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Unit 4 1. Define the following types of abuse Physical abuse is any intentional and unwanted contact causing feelings of intimidation, physical suffering and injury. It may not cause you any pain or even leave bruises but this behaviour is not healthy. Examples of this could be pushing or pulling, scratching, biting or grabbing throwing objects at you and force-feeding. Sexual abuse is unwanted sexual behaviour being forced upon you by another person. Some examples of this are unwanted touching, pressurised into performing a sex act, taking indecent photos and rape. Emotional/Psychological abuse is when a person or persons use controlling behaviour that can cause emotional damage and undermining a persons sense of well being. Some examples are intimidation, threats, and harassment, being verbally abusive making a person feels worthless and unwanted. Financial abuse is when a persons funds and assets are being mis-used or stolen. Examples of this are stealing cash, not allowing a person to take part in any decision regarding their finances. Institutional abuse is due to failing to provide an appropriate and professional service to vulnerable people. It can happen when staff simply doesn’t allow a person to choose what they want to eat or drink or what they want to wear to having inadequate training, poor communication skills, improper supervision with no support from management. Self-neglect happens when a person fails to care for themselves and is likely to cause themselves physical, mental or emotional When this occurs the individual neglects to wash, feed and clothe themselves appropriately. Neglect by others happens when a person/s physical, emotional and medical needs are not being met. Carers who fail to give a high standard of care whether it be from inadequate training to negligence can cause a vulnerable person to
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