Unit 4 Lab 1 Laboratory Instrument Familiarization

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Michael Rarick ET1220 Prof. Karam Labs 1 – 4 Lab 1 – Laboratory Instrument Familiarization, page 2 Lab 2 – Constructing a Logic Probe, page 3 Lab 3 – Number Systems, page 4 Lab 4 – Logic Gates, page 5 Lab 1 – Laboratory Instrument Familiarization Materials: - One 330 ohm resistor one 1k ohm resistor and one 2.7k resistor - One LED - One 555 timer IC - Two capacitors one a high value one low (.1 micro Farad and 100 micro Farad) Purpose: The purpose of the experiment was first and foremost to review the equipment and to make sure that we could wire the circuit according to the schematic and to gain experience doing so. This also involved gaining familiarity with how ICs must be powered and grounded…show more content…
To be able to show all 16 possible numbers 0-15 you can change the circuit so that the most significant bit (the eights place) is shown by an LED and the rest of the number is displayed on the MAN72, this would then be a successful binary to octal number system conversion circuit. Lab 4 – Logic Gates Materials: - 7400 quad 2-input NAND gate - 7402 quad 2-input NOR gate - Two 1.0 kΩ resistor Purpose: The purpose of this exercise was to set up a simple NAND or not and gate and a NOR, or not or, gate. Once set up, using one of the resistors to ground for a logic of one and a simple jump to ground for a logic of zero, the goal was to test the truth tables for these two gates. Procedure: The setup was incredibly simple, we simply set up and VCC’d the ICs and then began to test. The trouble came when our results were not matching the anticipated theoretical results. As it turned out after an hour of messing around with the board I had simply been taking the measurements of out outputs incorrectly. Once we were taking the correct measurement we were able to correctly fill out our truth

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