Unit 4 Childcare

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Unit 4 – Children and Play D1. – There are three types of settings where children play. The three different types of settings that I have chosen where children could play are an after school club this is where children go after they finish school if parents are at work or either they would like to do different activities., nursery school this is where a child goes before they start school and a childminders this is where a child goes to stay with someone while the parents are at work. D2. - The age range for an after school club is around 4-11years. The stage of play within this setting is co-operative play. Another setting which is a nursery is 3-4 years for children at this stage of play is co-operative play and cognitive play. The last setting which I have chosen is a childminders this is from birth to 11 years however it would be a combination of stages of play depending on the age of the child, the stage of play would be solitary play, parallel play and co-operative play. D3. – In an after school club setting children may be involved in creative play for example a child could paint a picture. Creative play promotes learning and development in children it is important for a child to express them selves in different ways and by allowing a child to do something on there own will give them confidence it then allows the child to explore and develop their senses and different materials. In a nursery school the one type of play the children maybe involved in is pretend play for example children play dress up or pretend there having a tea party. Role playing helps children learn about social roles and rules and they practise doing things in different ways how ever pretend play also develops language skills and the ability to plan ahead and problem solve and think creatively. In a child minders a child would usually be playing on there own in the setting one
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