Unit 4 Cache Level 3

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E1) When working in an environment with children we have to think about different laws to help protect children from harm and danger. Some of these are: -Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 -Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) 1995 -Childcare Act 2006 -The children Act 1989 -The children Act 2004 E2) When a child has an accident we have to follow the correct procedures to enable us to treat the child in the correct way needed. If a child receives a bump to the head, you should always have the child laying down flat and keep the student quiet and warm. If the student is vomiting, turn the head and body to the side. Never leave the child alone once he/she had a bump to the head and keep an eye on the child at all times as symptoms of concussion can occur a few hours after the bump. Fill out an accident sheet and contact a parent/carer to let them know the child has had a bump to the head. If the child is unconscious, having neck pains, unable to respond to simple commands, blood or water coming from the ears,, confused or sleepy and not normal behaviour contact an ambulance and ring the parent explaining the situation and say an ambulance is on the way to school. Write a slip out for the receptionist to give to the parent explaining what they have done to the child to help treat him/her. If a child is having an asthma attack, first you should ask another member of staff to go find their asthma pump. You should then comfort the child and tell him or her it will be fine. Encourage the child to sit down quietly and breathe slowly and deeply. If the child is turning a different shade then their skin colour or symptoms are not improving between 5-10 minutes you should call for an ambulance then contact the parent/guardian of the child and explain you have called for an ambulance as their child is having an asthma attack

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