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Assignment brief – Unit 4 Development through the life stages | Qualification | BTEC National Health & Social Care Level 3 | Unit number and title | Unit 4- Development through the life stages | Start date | Jan 2014 | Deadline | June 2014 | Assessor name | ekitonga | | Assignment title | Development through the life stages | The purpose of this assignment is to: This unit is about understanding the way we change over time. It explores the course of human development and the range of genetic, biological and social factors that influence how life turns out. You will investigate the major events which affect people throughout their lifetimes and look at the effects of ageing, and theories about it. | ScenarioImagine you are a trainee investigation reporter for ‘Health Promotion’ magazine and you have been asked to discover as much as possible about a famous person in order to describe the life stages of their life so far and what might happen in their future. You will write about effects on their life at two different life stages (obviously choose a person 18+). For the final part of your magazine article on life stages you will look at the physical and psychological changes that could affect the person and then evaluate. | P1- Describe physical, intellectual, emotional and social development for each of the life stages of an individual. To achieve a pass, develop a fact file and collect information on life stages including pictures, graphs and charts to help you interpret the information you collect about your celebrity or an individual. You could also produce a ‘life map’ showing the different stages in the life of this person or an individual.M1-Discuss the nature-nurture debate in relation to the development of an individual.To achieve this criterion you will need to research a range of arguments from both sides of the nature and

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