Unit 4 Assignment Essay

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Specify the manner in which your school will reward appropriate behaviors. Remember that there should be a ratio of about four adult positive interactions for each corrective or negative interaction with a student. Remember to specify the dimensions of the behavior and the criteria that need to be met for the school-wide reward to be delivered. Rewards help students remember rules and manner of the classroom. Students can be rewarded in many ways but first they must have the good behavior to receive the reward. The manner in which my school would reward well behavior would be to give out behavior bucks that the students can keep in a baggie in the classroom they then can spend the behavior bucks in the store once a month which contains things like pencils, pack of crayons, notebooks, small balls, goofy glasses and many other inexpensive things . The student have to behave the whole day and they get one behavior buck if they turn in their homework they get another if they are nice and kind through the day they can get another behavior buck . There are many ways for student to get behavior bucks all they have to do is work for it if their behavior isn’t all that great this gives them the incentive to be good so they can get cool things in the store. Each class in the school offers different stuff based on the age of the student this program helps students to learn to control their behavior and it teaches them good behavior is rewarded. Outline the specific error correction procedures when a student violates behavior expectations. If a student, cannot or will not show that they can control their selves they will be reminded of what proper behavior is expected of them and what the proper rules are to be followed. If unwillingness to behave or follow rules are still being ignored then they will be punished by rewards not be given to them and they will not

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