Unit 4 Assignment 1 Essay

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Matthew Murphy April 25, 2015 Unit 4 Assignment 1 1. List and describe three SMTP server security threats. Threat #1: Viruses * Viruses have been around for years, but that doesn't make them any less dangerous or easy to eradicate. New, more destructive viruses and worms are being unleashed at an alarming rate. Threat #2: Spam* Spam is expected to increase to 80 to 90 percent of total email. Moreover, the boundary between spam and viruses is blurring. New viruses turn desktop PCs into spam-spewing "zombies." There is also a new type of spamming technique called "phishing," used to dupe recipients into providing confidential personal identity information. Threat #3: Directory Harvest Attacks (DHAs)* Also called "dictionary attacks," this technique steals proprietary information from corporate directories. During a DHA, spammers attempt to deliver messages to multiple addresses, such as johndoe@yourcompany.com, jdoe@yourcompany.com, and john@yourcompany.com. Addresses that are not rejected by the receiving mail server are determined to be valid. A successful DHA can net a spammer thousands of corporate email addresses in just a few minutes. 2. List three suggestions to harden SMTP server security? A1: Digitally sign and encrypt your Email. By doing this you will prevent others from the ability to open and read your email. This will ensure that it is only opened by the person you sent it to. A2: Backup your Exchange server periodically. By doing this you will have copies of everything on your computer to use in case you need to reinstall if your computer crashes due to an attack. A3: Deploy Front End Server: Deploy a Front End Server on the DMZ, and close unused ports on the DMZ. 3. In what scenario would you require TLS encryption? A: to protect the contents of sensitive

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