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Unit 4 assignment Jessica Swanson Human behaviors and the environment Masica Jordan 02/02/2015 There are a few things that the counselor has learned from his experience with Steve. One being that with every problem there is a different solution. Steve may have gone to him for answers on how to achieve his goals but the counselor learned he cannot give an exact answer to every patient but walk through the path with each one and let them work it out with guidance. When you come into contact with new people everyone changes another person whether it be from their attitude or their view on life. When you meet someone who has a positive or negative attitude you can either learn to be positive from the negative person or you can be negative about life with them. Someone with a positive attitude can show you how happy they are in life being positive. You can choose how to look at life and choose to view life with a positive or negative attitude but let the people you meet be a lesson in life. Steve has changed as a result of his relationship with his counselor. Steve came into the counseling off to seek help when really he had all the answers before he walked into the office. Steve was a strong individual when went into that office and came out even stronger. Steve benefited from the relationship by having someone to walk down the hard path he had been taking with someone other than himself. Steve could of taken his life when he found out he was failing at his goal but I believe that him going to the counselor helped him go to the hospital to get help so he can achieve his goal not matter what obstacles he faces later in life. As human service workers we are obligated to follow ethical standards to make sure we are doing our job to the best of our abilities. If we do not follow them we can end up losing our jobs, hurting out clients, and others involved with our

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