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Unit 4 Assignment- Part II Why have you chosen the elective classes included in your degree plan? If you are using transfer credit, why have you chosen to include the transfer credit that you have selected to complete your degree plan? I’ve chosen these electives Survey of social Problems and crisis intervention. I like the idea of learning the social nature of this Field and comprehending how to deal with people. Prevention and crisis intervention I would love learning how to handle a crisis moment and how to handle the situation. These two electives stood out the most to me because they seem to be the two most important. In my opinion. What skills and knowledge do you expect to learn from these classes? If you are using transfer credits, what skills and knowledge have you learned from those courses? I would expect to learn the concept of dealing with individuals and their problems and how to adapt to being in awkward situations. Learning these skills I have chosen would give me the knowledge I need to do my job very well. The logical part and the physical portion as well. I would hope to know how to write a well written daily report on my clients. How will these individual skills and knowledge help you in your field? These skills would help me not only in my field, but on a daily basis. Having these skills will put me a step further then someone who I may be working with who don’t carry these skills. This will give me the opportunity to help someone and also share my knowledge I’ve learned with someone else, who may want to go into this field. How will these electives/transfer credits/emphasis area courses further your career goals in general? This will give me the experience to be a worker who goes the extra mile for her client. Who will excel at her job. Having these electives will give me the knowledge I would need for the job, I

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