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Unit 4 Essay

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Unit 4
Task 1  
Introduction to P1
Research the key terms below and then describe verbal and written information with examples. Your explanations must be in detail and your own words.
What is verbal information?
Verbal information is where a business gets information from a source when talking to them personally, whether over the phone or face to face.

What is written information?
Written information can be in the form of a letter, email or online chat for example. With a lot of communication using computers becoming more common in businesses written information is more frequently used to connect a business to both its employees and the ‘outside world’.

Examples of written information Explanation and illustration/picture
On-screen information

An example of on screen information would be if a company such as Sony wanted to communicate with customers from around the world then they would use this method. This is much more useful and much more cost effective than Sony having staff travelling around the world to help customers.
Multimedia information

An example of multimedia information would be Sony using television or the internet to communicate with all types of stakeholders including customers and shareholders. Again this is much more cost effective and less time consuming for both the company and the shareholders.
Web-based information

Web based information would again mean the use of the internet, and again be fairly cost effective for Sony. The information will be for customers and other stakeholders in the business and the information will most commonly be found on the businesses website.

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